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CareTree: An easy way to keep up with your loved one’s care

Caretree Connection

Would you like to be involved in your loved one’s care and receive daily updates on his or her appointments, activities, and overall well-being- anytime and anywhere?

TUCKed In Eldercare uses a great new software platform, CareTree. CareTree benefits both care managers and families, allowing the centralization of medical records and communication.

  • TUCKed In Eldercare will enter all updates into CareTree and will send automatic texts or emails to inform you of your loved one’s care. You will be able to choose your communication preferences.

  • Your loved one will have his or her own personal profile page where you can respond and comment, allowing everyone involved to stay up to date and avoid long text/email chains.

  • TUCKed In Eldercare will reconcile medications, upload documents and add events into your loved one’s personalized calendar for all to view. As a family member, you may also can add appointments and special events.

  • CareTree allows you to have important information at your fingertips.

  • CareTree is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer by visiting

  • Most importantly, it’s completely secure and HIPAA compliant.

Is your loved one a client of TUCKed In Eldercare? Be on the lookout for an email from CareTree that invites you to create a profile to be in the know about our services.


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