Who is a

Care Manager & what do they do?

Care Manager


A Care Manager (CM) is a certified professional who has expertise in the field of gerontology, sociology, or nursing and can assist elders and their families identify needs and find ways to meet those needs. 

These specially trained professionals can help find resources to enhance the quality of life of both the client and their loved ones. The care manager will work with you to form a long-term care plan, providing recommendations and assisting in implementing the necessary services in order to provide the utmost well-being.


Care managers can be especially helpful and supportive when family members reside far apart and it becomes difficult to check in with their loved one.

Why Engage with a Care Manager?


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the care and well-being of your loved one?

  • Are you concerned with the safety of their current environment? 

  • Does being your loved one’s main caregiver cause stress and anxiety?

  • Do you need assistance supporting your loved one who is showing signs of dementia?

  • Are you unable to transport your loved one to or attend appointments?  

What does a Care Manager do?

TUCKed In Eldercare helps clients attain their maximum functional potential. We encourage independence

while addressing safety and security concerns.


Our Mission

To help our elderly clients enjoy the highest possible quality of life by aligning support services

to their aging in place goals. 

We offer services to help clients address challenges. We will set up a meeting with your loved one to complete an initial assessment. Once the necessary assessments and interviews are complete a long-term care plan will be formed, with the approval of both the client and the support system, recommendations will be provided with implementation to follow by TUCKed In Eldercare or the caregivers, if requested.