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Getting Started

Give us a call at 508-577-5057 or email us at We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone or Zoom meeting to discuss your loved one’s needs and wants. We’ll ask questions to understand how we can best assist you.  

Here's how we work with you, your loved one and your family.
Erin making a pla with an older lady.
  • We will schedule a time to complete an initial formal assessment and conduct interviews with your loved one (the client), the family and/or others in his/her support system. This initial assessment takes 90 - 120 minutes. 

  • Our Care Manager will meet with the client in his or her home. She will complete assessments by asking questions of the client and his/her support system, assess the environment and gather information from current providers, if applicable.  

  • After the initial visit, the Care Manager will create a care plan and make recommendations to review with the client and family members.

  • Based on agreed-upon goals, the Care Manager then provides recommendations for review by the client and family members.

  • You may retain TUCKed In Eldercare to manage the care plan, immediately or in the future, as the client and family see fit. The client and family also have the right to take the formal care plan and implement the recommendations on their own. 

The TUCKed In Eldercare team strives to meet the unique needs and goals of each client and their family. The options we recommend depend on each client’s situation. If a formalized care plan is not required, if there is a short term need or if services must be provided remotely, we will tailor our services accordingly.

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