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For a Loved One

Helping Your Loved Ones Age In Place

Helping You Plan for Your Own Future

Tucked In Eldercare provides care management services to help New England families and their loved ones plan for and/or manage caregiving needs at home or at assisted living or senior living community. We do this by coordinating services for: nursing care, home health aide, homemakers and companion, 24/7 live-in caregivers, hospice, psychiatric and special care for acquired brain injuries.

Even though your focus right now may be on helping parents or other family members, it’s never to early to think about how you will live your life as you grow older. We can help you think through your own future needs and help you make a plan. We can connect you with trusted financial and legal services within our partner network. We’ll help you consider your future living options, which may include home modification or moving to a senior living community.


Evaluation, Advocacy, and Planning

  • Advocate for the client and his or her family

  • Evaluate alternative living options

  • Create short- and long-term care plans

  • Discuss difficult topics and complex issues​

  • Evaluate in-home care needs

  • Select and refer care personnel​

Ongoing Support

  • Act as a liaison between family and client

  • Act as a support system for both client and family

  • Address emotional concerns

  • Make home visits and suggest needed service

  • Provide caregiver stress relief and education

  • Provide ongoing monitoring

  • Provide ongoing communication through our care management app​​​

Outside Services

  • Apply for senior entitlements (if eligible)

  • Arrange and oversee support services and outside agencies

  • Assist with legal needs

  • Consult on insurance options

  • Coordinate medical services

  • Coordinate transportation needs

Next Steps

Call us at 508-577-5057 or will ask questions in order to understand how we can best assist you.

Our Care Manager (CM) will request to meet with the client at his or her home. The CM will complete assessments by asking questions to the client and family (at a separate time if necessary), assess the environment, and gather information from current providers if applicable.  

  1. After the initial visit, the CM will create a care plan, including recommendations, that will be reviewed with both client and family members.

  2. The CM can be hired to assist with carrying out the recommendations, immediately or in the future, as the client and family see fit.

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