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TUCKed In Eldercare offers a continuum of planning, counseling and tailored assistance to help seniors and their families both plan their future options and address current needs. Our aging life care manager helps clients access and seamlessly coordinate medical treatments, hospital-to-rehab or hospital-to-home transitions and in-home support services (including skilled nursing, home health, and homemaker-companion) when and where they are needed.

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"As Care Manager we are specially trained professionals who find resources to enhance the quality of life while maintaining the independence and dignity of our clients."
~ Erin Lynch, Certified Care Manager, Co-founder & Director, TUCKed In Eldercare


We act as a support system for both the client and the family. We discuss difficult topics and can help navigate complex issues.


We develop short-and long-term care plans. We assist and coordinate with insurances, legal needs, and we advocate for our client’s needs.